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About Us



Secret Sky is an online retail shopping website, dedicated to modest fashion founded by Aisha Nancy Novakovich in August 2019. Aisha's vision was to curate products and styles for women and modest dressers that would resonate, and provide solutions to modern-day frustrations. For example, need a long, loose and comfortable top to wear when playing sports? Or, need a beautiful gown that covers you up, but still speaks mainstream glam? Or need to find swimwear that doesn't stick in awkward places when you get out of the water? There are countless scenarios and "hijabi" struggles that are encountered on a daily basis, and Aisha understands these, having grown up in Australia her whole life, and choosing to wear hijab at the age of 12 years old.

As an active mum and a modest dresser (in Aisha Novakovich's case she is also a practising Muslim and therefore understands the Islamic requirements of modesty and hijab), Aisha usually test runs all of the products she presents. If Aisha loves it, she'll share it!

What else will you find on the Secret Sky website? In 2022, Aisha intends to expand into a range of unique lifestyle products, art and gifts that are either rare, one-off (bespoke), and support mainly female entrepreneurs. Being from Indonesia, Aisha Novakovich will be showcasing products and accessories that you won't find anywhere else and reflect centuries of artisan techniques.

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Wherever you are, stay safe, stay cool and stay sane!